Costing and budgeting are the backbone of project control…period. Cost Estimating requires experience and a set of strategic skills to solve the financial puzzle. GSG Group, Inc. stays linked to changes in construction market prices through built-project-cost feedback, market indices, historical cost records including those from contractors and suppliers. Both direct and indirect costs must be understood on many different levels in order to enable an effective manager to recommend better decisions to clients.

Cost Estimating is a process that starts with a one-to-one consultative relationship. This is where the needs are clearly defined. The primary services of:

• Pro Forma Creation,
• Phased Cost Estimates, and
• Budget Development,

…provide industry recognized products that are designed to meet the general needs of a client. It is understood however that a combination of services or a specialized situation may be required. GSG Group is uniquely qualified to deliver

Pro Forma –

GSG Group, Inc. works closely with clients to produce accurate and comprehensive pro forma that allow effective decision-making on the front end of projects. Understanding current market conditions, cap rates, tax implications, return on investment and depreciation, among other key indicators, helps clients analyze a project’s viability with a higher degree of certainty. This is another area that GSG Group helps to drive real value to the process.

Phased Cost Estimates –

Each cost estimate phase:

• Conceptual
• Schematic
• Design development
• Construction document estimates

…requires a different approach. GSG Group, Inc. has the tools, knowledge, ability and experience to perform each accurately.
Pricing has its roots in manpower productivity and subcontractor pricing methodology proven to enhance flexibility and accuracy. GSG Group’s construction backgrounds introduce constructability and realistic approaches to “building” the project budget.

GSG Group provides estimate review services. Experience is the Key. Utilizing cost estimating skills and knowledge, GSG Group is able to review contractor pricing to determine its validity, whether for a full project estimate or for changes-in-work.

Budget Estimates –

Budget development and validation is a significant part of project planning. Design development without periodic budget validation is akin to traveling a new region without periodic reference to a map. GSG Group, Inc., has the right tools to keep projects on track, so they don’t run astray.