Often an Owner does not have the in-house experience, or the necessary time, to efficiently or effectively direct a project through to completion. This is where the team at GSG Group, Inc. can bring real value to a complicated process. GSG Group represents the Owner by providing the necessary experience and leadership to ensure that the project fully meets the Owner’s requirements and goals.

GSG Group, as an Owner’s Representative or Construction Manager:
• Listens to and implements the Owner’s requirements,
• Establishes a clear understanding of actionable goals and objectives,
• Builds and guides the project team,
• Manages the design and budgets,
• Oversees the construction – costs, schedule and quality.

Skillful problem solving, based on a history of success, is a hallmark of GSG Group. And without exception, GSG Group manages each project as if it were their own; guiding the project in the best interest of the Owner, and making recommendations accordingly.

Project Types –
The scope of owner’s representative services can vary by client and industry. GSG Group, Inc. assembles the right staff and tailors it’s expertise to match the needs of each individual client and property type.
Homeowners Associations >>
• Multi-family
• Commercial
• Industrial
• Medical
• Retail
• Public
• Hospitality
• Education

Owners Rep –
Acting as the Association’s Construction Manager, also generally referred to as Owner’s Representatives, GSG Group, Inc. works solely on your behalf. GSG Group owes allegiance to no other; not to the designers, the constructors, the insurers, nor to the funders. GSG Group does not design or build in-house, therefore does not need to protect those interests. GSG Group represents your interests, as a team player who listens and understands your unique construction challenges.

Reserve Study –
Reserve Studies (RS) begin by listening to you, your goals and philosophy on replacement reserves. By definition, reserve studies are planning tools designed to help a HOA board anticipate and prepare for your property’s major capital repair and replacement projects. Like the State of Washington, they are legally mandated by most states.

GSG Group, Inc.’s Reserve Studies reflect a commitment to construction needs and costing; from vast experience, updated knowledge and connection to the industry network. These reports, generated from a nationally recognized RS program, are informative, professionally prepared, and easy to use as the HOA’s planning tool for which it is intended.

Condition Assessment –
GSG Group, Inc.’s entire staff is construction industry veterans, where technical compliance and quality are mandatory. These guiding principles are utilized in determining the building component performance and compliance with all technical requirements during warranty inspections. Similar investigative and analytical processes are employed for Property Condition Assessments, where the condition of building components and systems are inspected and analyzed for current and future performance. GSG Group also brings in specialty firms, as necessary, for destructive testing and systems analysis.

Budget Development –
Budget development and validation is a significant part of project planning. Design development without periodic budget validation is akin to traveling a new region without periodic reference to a map. GSG Group, Inc., has the right tools to keep projects on track, so they don’t run astray. It is another example of how GSG Group drives value to the process