Complexities and opportunities create dynamics that are challenging in the commercial real estate industry, even for the most experienced and astute. In response to requests from clients, GSG Group, Inc. has continued to add services and solutions to assist clients with these complex issues. GSG Group has expanded capital solutions in a variety of areas to meet demands that exist.

Cost Segregation –

Cost segregation is a highly beneficial and widely accepted tax planning strategy utilized by commercial real estate owners and tenants to accelerate depreciation deductions, defer tax, and improve cash flow. This practice has become routine for commercial property owners of every size. A cost segregation study is based on a detailed engineering analysis that is used to support the acceleration of depreciation deductions by identifying costs that can be allocated to shorter recovery periods; primarily 5, 7, and 15-year, as opposed to 27.5 (residential rental) or 39-year (commercial).

This front-loading of depreciation allows the taxpayer to take advantage of the time value of money. Values for what your property deductions may yield, are free of charge.

Condition Assessment –

GSG Group, Inc.’s principals are from the construction industry, where technical compliance and quality are mandatory. These guiding principles are utilized in determining the building component performance and compliance with technical requirements during warranty inspections. Similar investigative and analytical processes are employed for Property Condition Assessments, where the condition of building components and systems are inspected and analyzed for performance. GSG Group brings in specialty firms as necessary for destructive testing and systems analysis.

As-Built Survey –

GSG Group, Inc. provides existing condition and as-built drawings along with 3D photos for design and construction professionals. GSG Group uses the latest technology to document all information in the field. Our laser measuring tools talk directly to our laptops on site, providing drawings that are fast and accurate.